Painted Globe: Quick DIY

I have a thing for traveling. As of late, I've been really feeling the insatiable urge to go out and explore new horizons. Call it wanderlust I suppose. I also have a thing for globes.. but I have yet to find a large one for a decent price. Dara's mom surprised us the other day though with these $3 mini globes from Hobby Lobby that we were really excited about. We decided to draw on them with sharpie paint pens using fitting lyrics from Chicago by Sufjan Stevens. (One of my favorite songs, like ever). I'm going to be keeping this on my desk, but I think it'd look cute on a book shelf too.

Happy Couple

I'm a huge Mad Men fan and so is my boyfriend, Mark. And by huge fan, I mean watching a marathon on Netflix for an entire weekend only taking breaks for the bathroom, sleep, and food. There was an episode where Don showed some pictures in a meeting while proposing an advertising campaign and he showed some of the cutest pictures on himself and his wife on a picnic. Mark turned to me (yes, this was his idea) and told me we should do a similar photo shoot. Luckily, my mother is a wonderful photographer and agreed to do it. We've been planning this for months and the three of us finally had some free time to take these pictures. I wanted something that looked vintage but not completely so. I wore lipstick for maybe the third time in my life, curled my hair, and scoured thrift stores for the perfect outfit. Mark wore some things he already had in his closet and resorted to wearing my step dad's shoes. We had a blast doing this photo shoot and I think it's safe to say we're happier than Don and Betty Draper have ever been.

You can also check out my amazing mom's photography website here!


Thinking Creatively!

Today Dara is sharing a little inspiration through some wall art she's made.

So, this past week I bought some canvas and just started painting! I wanted to post the outcome of my painting adventure. Enjoy!
What I bought: 2 canvases for 7.99 (Hobby Lobby), Lots of acrylic paint, and a very tiny paint brush.
Happy painting!

Color Blocked Shelves


I've had some white shelves sitting in my closet for the past year and I always told myself I would do something with them but hadn't until today. After much deliberation, I decided to ditch the blue color scheme (or some similar variation) I've used since elementary school and make the room in my new apartment white, grey, and coral. I'm slowly updating my furniture and decor to match these colors and I figured I would work on the hanging shelves today. The lighting in my garage didn't make the coral show up in the pictures so it looks more like orange but I can assure you the colors look much better in person. My secret weapon when updating decor is paint and this was an easy alternative to buying a new set of hanging shelves.

{You'll need: any kind of paint, paint brushes, some surface to mix paint on if you want a custom color, and shelves of any kind.}

{I left the tops and a couple of other pieces white while painting different parts of the shelves coral and gray. Each shelf has alternating colors as shown below.}


I hope you enjoyed this DIY! On Friday, my wonderful photographer mom will be doing a photo shoot of me and my boyfriend that I'm really excited to share so expect to see those this weekend!

Summer Mood

Good news...I might actually be developing a tan. (Paired with a slight sunburn that is). These past few days have been great. Yesterday for father's day, I went to the lake with my family and their friends. We got to take a boat ride and ride jet skis all day! So much fun, but now I am SO sore. Every time I'm out on a lake, it reminds me when my friends and I went on a road trip and spent an amazing weekend at a lake house last summer. I'm really hoping when we can all take some time out of our busy schedules and go again soon. Mmmmm, yay for summer, tans, and lakes..

A Day in the Life of an Intern

   Hi I am Dara Affholter, I have made a few guest appearances on Somehow Lovely before. I am best friends with Vicky and Gabby and I'm always excited whenever I get to help out with the blog at anytime! Vicky came up with the idea for me to write entries about me being an intern and I gladly accepted. Well, let me start off with a little bit about myself. I am about to be a sophomore at Oklahoma State University and I'm studying Costume Design. Luckily, I got the opportunity to be Shakespeare Dallas's wardrobe intern this summer. I'm so glad I got an internship considering I only have high school and one year of college theatre under my belt so far.

Being an intern is not glamorous by any means, the hours are long, and the pay is well...nothing. However, I am sure the experience that I will gain from this internship will far out weigh the cons. So far this experience has been very interesting, since Shakespeare Dallas is set outdoors this puts more strain on the costumes than a regular theater because the weather in Texas is pretty miserable. This calls for more costume cleaning and having to make sure the actors are not going to go through any sort heat exhaustion due to any excessive costuming.

Yesterday was probably the strangest day I've had since I started working there. A huge storm filled with hail blew through right before a show and basically damaged everyones cars, including mine (check out a picture of the storm below). That was definitely a fun filled day! Anyway, I am still trying to find my place inside the company and I hope one day I will become a part of Shakespeare Dallas. I hope you found this to be helpful or at least entertaining! I will be updating about my experience further throughout the summer.

Bite Size

Banana pudding is something my mom makes every Thanksgiving in a huge serving bowl. It consists of layers upon layers of pudding, cookies, and bananas. It's always a favorite amongst my family, especially with my step dad, Chuck. The other day, Chuck was talking about how he was craving said pudding because almost the only time we have it is around the holidays. I figured I could make some but since there are only four people in our house this summer, I wanted to scale down the portion size. I decided to make something bite size and diet friendly since my mom is calorie counting for a big vow renewal ceremony she and my step dad decided to do. These were easy to make and would be perfect bite size desserts to serve at any party. Enjoy!
{You'll need: vanilla wafers, bananas, vanilla pudding, and whipped cream. The pudding doesn't have to be sugar free, fat free but this tasted just as good with the diet friendly version. Also, I made 18 bites and only needed one banana so plan accordingly. You'll also need milk for the pudding.}
{Make the pudding according to the directions on the box and refrigerate while preparing the rest of the ingredients. Place vanilla wafers onto a platter, flat side facing up, and cut the banana into small pieces. Once the pudding is ready, put it into a ziplock bag and snip the corner of the bag with a pair of scissors. Carefully pipe the pudding onto the cookie, filling the entire surface; it will act as a glue for the banana. Place the banana over the pudding and top with whipped cream.
Tip: refrigerate until serving to prevent the whipped cream from melting.}

Paint Away!

While shopping for apartment decor, I went to the craft store to buy a canvas. I picked a large one out that was on sale for 40% off and went up to the register to pay. I was shocked to find that it was $35, even at discount. I hate doing this, but I asked the cashier to take it off of my final purchase and left. I talked to my friend's aunt later that day and she told me about something I could buy at Home Depot that was similar to canvas material. My mom helped me come up with a way to construct a canvas and we went to the hardware store the get the materials. I was so pleased with the way it turned out and I had enough to make two canvases 5" x 3" for $17 total. It didn't take too long to make and I don't think I can bring myself to ever buy expensive canvas from the craft store again when I know I can make it myself for so cheap. I'm going to paint some lyrics onto it and use it as a headboard in my new apartment. I'll post pictures as soon as we're settled!
{2' x 2' pieces of wood that were originally 8 feet long but we got them cut at Home Depot into 5" and 3" pieces.}
{The canvas drop cloth came in a bunch of different sizes and was really inexpensive. You also need nails, a hammer, and wood glue. You can also use an electric screw driver, screws, and thumb tacks.}
{Nail or screw the wood pieces together. You may need two people for this and the next few steps.}
{Soak the canvas material in a large bucket or mixing bowl filled with water. It only has to sit in there for a minute or two. Just make sure all of the material gets wet.}
{Lay the canvas out and place the frame over it. Leave a few inches on each side so you have enough to wrap around the wood. Don't worry about any wrinkles. When you stretch the canvas, they'll come out.}
{Cut off the side with the most excess so you can easily stretch and nail the canvas to the wood. When stretching the material, do opposite sides first. For instance, I nailed and stretched the canvas to each 5 foot side first. This allows you to stretch the material tighter.}
{Hold the material tight and nail the back and inside of the frame. Wrap the corners like you're wrapping a present.}
{Optional last step: use gesso paint to make the canvas sturdier and firmer.}
And there you have it! Inexpensive, DIY canvas. Hope you enjoy!

The New Kid

{A cute antique shop in Uptown.}
I'm really excited to partner with my roommate, Vicky and start working with her on this wonderful blog. I feel like now might be the time for introductions. I'm Gabriella, a college student with a junk food addiction who watches too much reality TV. Like Vicky, I'm a little obsessed with crafting, cooking, and thrift store shopping. While working on my previous blog, I compiled pages of ideas that I can't wait to share here. I hope you enjoy what I have to bring to the table even though I know I have some big (really cute) shoes to fill. It somehow feels like the first day of school and I'm a little nervous but very optimistic. We're still working out little things about who will be posting on which days so for now, things may seem a little hectic but I know we will offer the best content we are capable of. The crafting and recipe creating will begin shortly but for now, here are a few pictures from the past week that might strike up a little inspiration or just act as eye candy.
{A sign near where we had my family reunion. Surrounded by a whole lot of nothing.}
 {Vintage bikes that I was very tempted to try to ride.}