It's a Wonderful Life

-Shirt and shorts (thrifted), shoes (Ross)
Had a really good time with these girls this weekend. One of the highlights was that I found a black leather Coach purse at Goodwill for $1.99! It's crazy because just last week we saw the same one in brown at another thrift store that was originally marked $60 and was on sale for $30. I'm not sure the lady realized it was Coach, but hey I'm not complaining. I think I have a new thrifting addiction.

Thanks so much to everyone who's been following and commenting lately! I really appreciate it. There's some exciting blog news I'll be sharing soon. ;)

Call it What You Want

So, confession... I'm just not much of a thrifter. I'm actually pretty terrible at it - I rarely find anything worth buying. I decided to give it another shot with my friends last week though, and we ended up hitting the thrifting jackpot. Maybe I've been going to the wrong places or just haven't been looking hard enough, because we all found a crazy amount of stuff for so cheap. This skirt was one of my purchases, and definitely a new favorite (um, it was pretty much a steal at $1.90!). I think it's safe to say we've all renewed our faith in thrift stores. I have yet to convince my mom they're cool though. She had a pretty good laugh at my finds. Apparently I'm going through a weird grandma phase..

Tree Stump Wall Decor: DIY

You'll Need: A tree stump (we got these at Michael's), magazines, mod podge, and acrylic paint.

My friend Dara and I had some fun crafting this week and came up with this cool wall piece. There's no such thing as too much wall decor, right? I love the rustic feel they have with the tree stumps. They were super simple and fast to make - we just painted the stumps with baby blue acrylic paint, and then glued some photos down with mod podge. I did the top one, and Dara did the one below.
P.S. - long time no post, huh? I'm out of school for the summer now so that'll definitely change.

We Live on Coffee And Flowers

Hello, hello. Today was a nice day for outfit photos. So many cars passed by while I was laying in this field though... I don't think taking photos in public will ever stop being awkward. Anyhow, I'm in love with this skirt. It's my momma's actually. I might have to hold it hostage in my closet.. It's nice having a stylish mom. Between her and my two sisters, it's kinda like I have 3 extra wardrobes.

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely first day of May.