Semi Homemade

Halloween is my absolute favorite but with a tight budget, I can't go out and spend money on a costume this year. I decided I would pull what I had from my closet, along with a few props, to make two separate outfits to wear to parties. 
{For the first costume as a ballerina you'll need: a tutu and leotard or a dress with a lot of tulle, ballet flats of any color, and ribbon. I put my hair in a tight bun and secured it with bobby pins. Then I pulled out my old homecoming dress from high school out of my closet. I also cut two long strips of ribbon and tied them around my legs, securing them with double sided tape.}
{For my costume as Katniss, I braided my hair and wore very little makeup. The outfit includes brown knee high boots, black pants, a black shirt, a brown leather jacket, and a bow and arrow that I borrowed from my little sister. You can also find a bow and arrow at most costume stores.}


  1. Great costumes! I really like the ballerina one.

  2. You did really well with these costumes, love the makeshift ballerina shoes!
    Have a great week hun :-)

    Vanessa x