A Touch of Pretty

Although I'm an incredibly messy person, I'm sort of an organization junkie. With school coming up, work, blogging, and writing for the wonderful Austere Magazine, I'm going to need somewhere to write down everything I need to get done. I've been looking everywhere for a cute and inexpensive planner for the upcoming school year but it seems almost impossible to find one that has both qualities. So while browsing Target, I found one in a color that I really like for around $5 and figured I would jazz it up a little. And since I like pretty things, that's exactly what I did. I think I'll go back and add a few more personal touches but I feel like what I have so far is pretty enjoyable. The supplies you need are shown below.

{If your planner comes with a plastic divider, cut diagonally on each hole to separate it from the metal binding. Remove the divider and place it on the current week so you can easily open it to the dates you need.}

{Evenly tape off sections in the design you want and paint. You might need to do several coats. I painted the black metal spine of the planner too. Peel off the tape when it's dry and finish off with a coat of clear spray paint or if you're patient enough, clear nail polish.}

Seeing Red

Long time, no blog! It's been a hectic few weeks between hand making everything for my mom and step dad's vow renewal (the branches in the picture above were stripped of all their leaves by yours truly for center pieces), to preparing for family from Ireland to come into town, to a million doctor appointments. This is my first individual photo shoot for Somehow Lovely and I'm so excited about it. Like Vicky, I too have a little sister who is handy with a camera. That little sister would be ten-year-old Annah who actually made me the adorable necklace I'm wearing in these pictures. The sandals were a gift, the shirt is from Forever 21, and the high waisted shorts were bought on a thrift store trip that a friend took me on to cheer me up after a very bad week. They were a little too long so my boyfriend and I took some scissors and a pocket knife to the ends. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I promise I'll be better about posting more!

Addictive Album of the Week

LCD Soundsystem- Sound of Silver (2007)
For Fans Of: Hot Chip, Crystal Castles, TV on the Radio, Animal Collective
It's been awhile since I've posted an addictive album of the week, so let's get back on track. I've been listening to a lot more LCD Soundsystem this summer. I've come to the following conclusions.
1) James Murphy is a crazy, musical genius.
2) Sound of Silver is one of my favorite albums of all time.
3) I am completely and utterly devastated that I never saw them live before they broke up.

Arguably LCD's best album, Sound of Silver is fun, sometimes serious, sometimes very weird... and it works. It's an infectious album you just won't be able to stop thinking about, or even sit still to.

My Favorite Tracks: All My Friends, Someone Great, North American Scum

P.S. Anyone catching their movie, Shut up and Play, July 18th? I really want to see it!