Recent DIY'S

Although I have been failing to share them, I have been crafting lately. Dara and I really liked the fox pillow DIY from A Beautiful Mess, so Dara made us these (since I can't sew). We had extra fabric left over, so she also made us little fox key chains. I love our little fox family. So cute haha.
This is Dara's new table that was inspired by the dip-dye table on my list of Pinterest favorites. All we did was measure 2 1/2 inches from the bottom, mark it off with duck tape and paint it peach on top and beige on bottom. Well, okay we started to paint it ourselves... but then her mom took over and did a better job haha. I am hoping to do something like this if I get my hands on a similar table.
This was probably the easiest and cheapest craft I've ever done. It's literally just embroidery hoops and fabric from Michael's. Isn't the Elvis one hilarious? I'm thinking of eventually making a few more so I can have something more like this or set up vertically like this. So simple, yet so unique looking.


  1. I love the fox! These are all DIYs that I have done similar of!

    Amanda Rose

  2. The fox pillow is soooo adorable!! Love it!


    Glam Mania...!!

  3. Omg I love your foxes!!! SOOOO cute.