Paint Away!

While shopping for apartment decor, I went to the craft store to buy a canvas. I picked a large one out that was on sale for 40% off and went up to the register to pay. I was shocked to find that it was $35, even at discount. I hate doing this, but I asked the cashier to take it off of my final purchase and left. I talked to my friend's aunt later that day and she told me about something I could buy at Home Depot that was similar to canvas material. My mom helped me come up with a way to construct a canvas and we went to the hardware store the get the materials. I was so pleased with the way it turned out and I had enough to make two canvases 5" x 3" for $17 total. It didn't take too long to make and I don't think I can bring myself to ever buy expensive canvas from the craft store again when I know I can make it myself for so cheap. I'm going to paint some lyrics onto it and use it as a headboard in my new apartment. I'll post pictures as soon as we're settled!
{2' x 2' pieces of wood that were originally 8 feet long but we got them cut at Home Depot into 5" and 3" pieces.}
{The canvas drop cloth came in a bunch of different sizes and was really inexpensive. You also need nails, a hammer, and wood glue. You can also use an electric screw driver, screws, and thumb tacks.}
{Nail or screw the wood pieces together. You may need two people for this and the next few steps.}
{Soak the canvas material in a large bucket or mixing bowl filled with water. It only has to sit in there for a minute or two. Just make sure all of the material gets wet.}
{Lay the canvas out and place the frame over it. Leave a few inches on each side so you have enough to wrap around the wood. Don't worry about any wrinkles. When you stretch the canvas, they'll come out.}
{Cut off the side with the most excess so you can easily stretch and nail the canvas to the wood. When stretching the material, do opposite sides first. For instance, I nailed and stretched the canvas to each 5 foot side first. This allows you to stretch the material tighter.}
{Hold the material tight and nail the back and inside of the frame. Wrap the corners like you're wrapping a present.}
{Optional last step: use gesso paint to make the canvas sturdier and firmer.}
And there you have it! Inexpensive, DIY canvas. Hope you enjoy!


  1. awesome idea!
    ~niki <3

  2. I'm going to try this when I make my next canvas.

    Amanda Rose