The New Kid

{A cute antique shop in Uptown.}
I'm really excited to partner with my roommate, Vicky and start working with her on this wonderful blog. I feel like now might be the time for introductions. I'm Gabriella, a college student with a junk food addiction who watches too much reality TV. Like Vicky, I'm a little obsessed with crafting, cooking, and thrift store shopping. While working on my previous blog, I compiled pages of ideas that I can't wait to share here. I hope you enjoy what I have to bring to the table even though I know I have some big (really cute) shoes to fill. It somehow feels like the first day of school and I'm a little nervous but very optimistic. We're still working out little things about who will be posting on which days so for now, things may seem a little hectic but I know we will offer the best content we are capable of. The crafting and recipe creating will begin shortly but for now, here are a few pictures from the past week that might strike up a little inspiration or just act as eye candy.
{A sign near where we had my family reunion. Surrounded by a whole lot of nothing.}
 {Vintage bikes that I was very tempted to try to ride.}


  1. This antique shop is a wonderful building.... and for sure has many treasures inside:)

  2. This certainly serves as lovely eye candy. I also like y'alls new blog design and the pictures on either side. :)