Happy Couple

I'm a huge Mad Men fan and so is my boyfriend, Mark. And by huge fan, I mean watching a marathon on Netflix for an entire weekend only taking breaks for the bathroom, sleep, and food. There was an episode where Don showed some pictures in a meeting while proposing an advertising campaign and he showed some of the cutest pictures on himself and his wife on a picnic. Mark turned to me (yes, this was his idea) and told me we should do a similar photo shoot. Luckily, my mother is a wonderful photographer and agreed to do it. We've been planning this for months and the three of us finally had some free time to take these pictures. I wanted something that looked vintage but not completely so. I wore lipstick for maybe the third time in my life, curled my hair, and scoured thrift stores for the perfect outfit. Mark wore some things he already had in his closet and resorted to wearing my step dad's shoes. We had a blast doing this photo shoot and I think it's safe to say we're happier than Don and Betty Draper have ever been.

You can also check out my amazing mom's photography website here!



  1. these are so cute! i love mad men! that episode brought me to tears haha
    ~niki <3

  2. wow those photos are fantastic! I specially like the 2nd and the 4th!! :)

  3. I LOVE those photos! She did amazing and you guys are too, too cute!

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    Christen :>

  4. You guys are such adorable!! Love your bf's hair!

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  5. What a happy couple :) Too cute.

    xo Shane

  6. These are so lovely - I pretty much want to be you!

    http://ohmyolivia.blogspot.co.uk/ xo