A Day in the Life of an Intern

   Hi I am Dara Affholter, I have made a few guest appearances on Somehow Lovely before. I am best friends with Vicky and Gabby and I'm always excited whenever I get to help out with the blog at anytime! Vicky came up with the idea for me to write entries about me being an intern and I gladly accepted. Well, let me start off with a little bit about myself. I am about to be a sophomore at Oklahoma State University and I'm studying Costume Design. Luckily, I got the opportunity to be Shakespeare Dallas's wardrobe intern this summer. I'm so glad I got an internship considering I only have high school and one year of college theatre under my belt so far.

Being an intern is not glamorous by any means, the hours are long, and the pay is well...nothing. However, I am sure the experience that I will gain from this internship will far out weigh the cons. So far this experience has been very interesting, since Shakespeare Dallas is set outdoors this puts more strain on the costumes than a regular theater because the weather in Texas is pretty miserable. This calls for more costume cleaning and having to make sure the actors are not going to go through any sort heat exhaustion due to any excessive costuming.

Yesterday was probably the strangest day I've had since I started working there. A huge storm filled with hail blew through right before a show and basically damaged everyones cars, including mine (check out a picture of the storm below). That was definitely a fun filled day! Anyway, I am still trying to find my place inside the company and I hope one day I will become a part of Shakespeare Dallas. I hope you found this to be helpful or at least entertaining! I will be updating about my experience further throughout the summer.

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