Color Blocked Shelves


I've had some white shelves sitting in my closet for the past year and I always told myself I would do something with them but hadn't until today. After much deliberation, I decided to ditch the blue color scheme (or some similar variation) I've used since elementary school and make the room in my new apartment white, grey, and coral. I'm slowly updating my furniture and decor to match these colors and I figured I would work on the hanging shelves today. The lighting in my garage didn't make the coral show up in the pictures so it looks more like orange but I can assure you the colors look much better in person. My secret weapon when updating decor is paint and this was an easy alternative to buying a new set of hanging shelves.

{You'll need: any kind of paint, paint brushes, some surface to mix paint on if you want a custom color, and shelves of any kind.}

{I left the tops and a couple of other pieces white while painting different parts of the shelves coral and gray. Each shelf has alternating colors as shown below.}


I hope you enjoyed this DIY! On Friday, my wonderful photographer mom will be doing a photo shoot of me and my boyfriend that I'm really excited to share so expect to see those this weekend!

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  1. Beautiful work. Paint is such an easy way to change things up.

    Amanda Rose