Tree Stump Wall Decor: DIY

You'll Need: A tree stump (we got these at Michael's), magazines, mod podge, and acrylic paint.

My friend Dara and I had some fun crafting this week and came up with this cool wall piece. There's no such thing as too much wall decor, right? I love the rustic feel they have with the tree stumps. They were super simple and fast to make - we just painted the stumps with baby blue acrylic paint, and then glued some photos down with mod podge. I did the top one, and Dara did the one below.
P.S. - long time no post, huh? I'm out of school for the summer now so that'll definitely change.


  1. This is too cool! Great idea.

  2. Such an awesome D.I.Y!!! I've been looking for some wall art & there's no better art to display than your own! Will be trying this out!!! xo, Megs