Two Looks: Featuring Dara

Hi ya loves! 4 posts so far this week? I think I'm getting the hang of this whole blog thing. Wahooo. Here are some more photos I took of mah best fran last weekend. Who says you need a super cool camera to take cute pictures? I think these might be my favorite photos I've taken yet.
I'm off to finish my 'Mad Men' marathon on Netflix now. I just got into that show recently and I think I'm in love (I'm so late I know). Hope the rest of your Thursday is grand.


  1. The close-up one is really cute! :) x

  2. Such lovely and happy photos! Love the idea of two looks with one skirt! Thank you for joining my blog, now joined yours as well- nice to meet you :)
    Good luck!

  3. You look so super happy and cute :)

  4. Hi girls I love your blog you could take a ride on my blog, comment, and follow my blog and I would follow your blog also.

    1. hi girls thank you for your comment on my blog I am now your blog, the great.

  5. You & your friend are so stylish :) I love these outfits and photos, and I've just looked back at some of your own outfits and I love them too! Cute cute blog :)


  6. how hott is she!?!?!

    ooh la la, love the outfit!
    and your blog!