Quick DIY: Cute Fake Magazine Camera

I've been meaning to post this for awhile! You'll recognize this mini project from my header.
I came up with this one day when I noticed a magazine coaster my little sister was making looked like a camera lens. We then decided to use it to make a little prop camera with an old iPhone box.

(She made our "lens" by cutting out colorful strips out of a magazine roughly the same width and height, wrapping each strip circularly one at a time and taping them loosely.)

You can use any box obviously, but incase you use an iPhone box, here's how I made a stand for it and the top "flash" with the inside of the box:

We had fun cutting out random magazine clippings to decorate it with. Not only did it make a cool header, but I think it looks pretty neat on my desk too!


  1. This looks really cool & I like the new header! :)

  2. This is totally adorable! I love it and now I'm going to have to make one for myself.