DIY: Inspired Magazine Wall Art

Dara and I had a really successful crafting all-nighter last Saturday. One of our many projects
was these wall pieces we found on Pinterest! I'm really pleased with the way they turned out.

Original Tutorials: The bird silhouette art is from Tater Tots and Jello and the song lyric art is
from a A Beautiful Mess. We made a few small changes to both to make them more our own.

You'll need
 A canvas (we found 2 for $7.99 at Hobby Lobby), a magazine (we used vogue), 
mod podge, vinyl letters (we used the Helvetica ones from Hobby Lobby like Elsie), a bird stencil (her mom made ours with poster paper), white or black acrylic paint, doilies, and gold spray paint.
Cover the canvas with a magazine collage using mod podge. Get your bird stencil in place and then just hold it down as you paint everything around it white, somewhat lightly. Then, get a doily you don't mind ruining and spray paint gold over it while holding it down anywhere on your canvas. This creates the cool pattern you see below that helps liven up the art. Lastly, pick a word to display! 
We chose "free." Dara hand wrote hers and I used the Helvetica letters.
Here's Dara's up close. I love how her cursive "free" turned out. Here's mine! I may add a doily to the top right corner later.

Follow the same steps as the bird one, except this time using vinyl letters to spell out a favorite
lyric of yours. Ours is really only different from the original in that we used a collage instead of a painting, and in mine I tried to make the background shine through. Dara changed hers up more by adding doilies on the corners and painting the background black, which really made her letters pop.
Here's my song lyric one. The lyrics are from "French Navy" by Camera Obscura. Here's Dara's. Her lyrics are from "Float On" by Modest Mouse.

Hope you enjoyed our take on these popular DIY'S. I can't wait to hang 'em up.


  1. these are so cool! Might have to give it a go this weekend, I think I've got some old canvas laying around...

  2. I love the collage... great post...!! All the collage are so cool!!
    Maybe we can follow each other :D