Five Things On My Fashion Wish List

I bought my first turband in teal a month ago and am dying to get more. These are from Etsy.
One day I will buy a pair of Doc Martens and they will hopefully be like these.
I'm really feeling a trip to Forever 21 to get one of these neutral colored blazers. Left. Right.
Also from Forever 21, is this awesome skirt I have my eye on. It's a must have for the spring!
I don't really wear many crazy prints, but I love this dress by Sosie. I need some fun new dresses!


  1. I've been dying to buy a turban! They look so cute, but I'm always nervous about buying one - why waste the money if it'll look horrid on me? I may just break down and buy one soon though!
    xo Heather

  2. I was a little nervous about it too! I found mine at forever 21 for only $5 though, so I figured it was worth the shot. It's SOO great for bad hair days haha.

  3. Yes, those Docs have been on my wishlist for ages! Hope we'll both get to have a pair like that some day;)

  4. Ahh yes and hopefully at a better price!

  5. Every thing on the list are fantastic!

  6. i love all of these especially the docs.