DIY: Picture Frame Necklace Holder

There are tons of great necklace hangers made with frames circulating around. Here's my attempt.
My wonderful best friend and her mom made one first and once I saw it, I knew I had to get them to help me make my own. (They're both way craftier than me).

Pick out some crazy fun knobs. I got mine from Michael's and then we took them to a hardware store to get the ends sawn off a bit. (So the frame could rest against the wall without sticking out).

Get a a large picture frame. They let me use a frame they already had and then we painted it lightly with silver paint to give it a rusty, vintage look. 

Just twist in the knobs and start hanging your necklaces. Happy crafting!


  1. this is adorable! and doesn't look too hard :) i want to try it! thank you for sharing!