Our Halloweekend Costumes

I'm a firm advocate in dressing up for Halloween, but not so much for spending money on a costume. I don't think I've actually purchased an entire outfit since I was a little kid. My costume this year was super simple - and maybe a little too obscure. Incase none of you get it, I was singer Lana Del Rey! (check out the fake tats?!) and Gabby was a hippie. I got the awesome flower headband from Sam Wish specifically for the occasion and I'm totally in love with it.

Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!

Semi Homemade

Halloween is my absolute favorite but with a tight budget, I can't go out and spend money on a costume this year. I decided I would pull what I had from my closet, along with a few props, to make two separate outfits to wear to parties. 
{For the first costume as a ballerina you'll need: a tutu and leotard or a dress with a lot of tulle, ballet flats of any color, and ribbon. I put my hair in a tight bun and secured it with bobby pins. Then I pulled out my old homecoming dress from high school out of my closet. I also cut two long strips of ribbon and tied them around my legs, securing them with double sided tape.}
{For my costume as Katniss, I braided my hair and wore very little makeup. The outfit includes brown knee high boots, black pants, a black shirt, a brown leather jacket, and a bow and arrow that I borrowed from my little sister. You can also find a bow and arrow at most costume stores.}

Cold Fronts and Bill Cosby Sweaters

This weekend, my best friend Dara was in town. Naturally, we spent all weekend together doing what we do best: shopping and crafting. Among our shopping haul are these awesome oversized sweaters from Goodwill, that we were actually able to wear since it's cold now! I'm definitely lovin' this sweater and chai tea weather. Happy fall, loves!

We're baaaaack!

After a month long hiatus, we're glad to be posting again. We decided to take some time to adjust to school, decorate our new apartment, and work on our magazine but we have a lot in store for the blog this month. October is one of our favorite months, mostly because it starts getting cooler outside and it ends with Halloween. For this photo shoot, we went to a coffee shop right up the street from us that was converted from a house. They have a great area to study and a backyard where bands usually play. Since the weather was great, we decided to do it outside where our other roommate, Lacee provided her photography skills.